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unknown Amsterdam based DJ and Producer QuiQui (Jeroen Wiggers) entered the world of electronic music in 1999,when he started producing his own tracks and play for liveaudiences. In the past years he has released his music onlabels like Sneakerz Music, Tulipa Recordings, 5 and DimeRecordings, 10ozDecibels, Plainsound and UnivackRecords. T his diverse selection of record companies alsoreflects the wide range of musical styles that he hastouched during his search for his own distinctive sound.Deep House, Electro, Disco, Trance and Techno...it is allthere.But it was his melodic techno bomb ‘Hydroxytryptamine’,which was supported by artists like Secret Cinema andEelke Kleijn, that redefined his style by combining all hisinspirations and showed the direction that he was headingto.All of his productions share a love for deep, warm andenergetic synths that are able to trigger you emotions rightaway.‘’For me, music is a way to express the inexpressible’’. It isable to touch you, move you, reveal secrets or even takeyou to other worlds that you never could’ve imagined. It isfascinating that words alone could never achieve thesethings in such a deep and fundamental way.Although mymusic may just be appealing for a small and selectedaudience, the connection that I feel with those who dounderstand it gives me my inspiration and motivation toexpress my creativity. Remember that those who dance areconsidered insane by those who cannot hear the music.Let’s keep it that way.


QuiQui - Lucid Dreams (Original Mix) on Materia Nigra - Year One

2021 Materia Nigra