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Birdon Dutch producer Demy Ottens has spend an enormous amount of hours experimenting in the studio. Inspired by minimalistic and deep sounds he's been trying to translate that in this own music. Recently he's more concentrating on pounding-raw-big-room-destroy-techno under his alias "Birdon". Birdon stands for explosive beats layered with fine details, industrial elements and god knows what else. The forthcoming releases will be the commencement of his personal musical vision His music has been received well in the scene, some highlights: "Train chords" was played by Michel de Hey on dutch radio Fresh FM "Train chords" was played on Undercurrents, Proton radio "Deadwood" appeared on the CD compilation "Deepspace" mixed and compiled by George Perry "Oxidized heart" was played by Dennis Ruyer on Dance department radio 538.


Birdon - Karp Reduction (Original Mix) on Unknown Territories Vol.3

Birdon - Endless Cycle (Original Mix) on Materia Nigra - Year Two

Birdon - Spectrum (Original Mix) on Unknown Territories Vol.4

2022 Materia Nigra